Chris Helmbrecht

… left Munich over 20 years ago. In the meantime, he lived in New York, Spain and now in Moscow. Chris djs since more than 30 years. He is a known DJ with performances in New York, Milan (Grand Rosa Hotel), Teheran, Tuscany, Tenerife and many more places.

Besides djing, Chris is a television host on various programs, runs an event and culture management agency, called KOLLEKTIV, and organizes events. He also owns an incoming concierge service, taking care of clients, who want to experience the legendary Moscow nightlife.

Chris also wrote a book (himself) about his party life, called: “Fucking Moskau!”


Already in high school Chris had a special taste for music. He was known for compiling the best mixtapes and had frequently been invited to dj at friends house parties. During this time, in the mid eighties, he played old school hip hop and an early RnB style, on classic vinyl.

Being an extremes pro snowboarder in the 90s, Chris also became known for organizing (and playing at) some of the best snowboarder parties. He also had columns in all German language snowboard magazines, where he met with bands, like the Beastie Boys, and wrote about them.

Chris’s girlfriend was the snowboard champion of Berlin and during the early 90s, he spent most summers there. His girlfriends brother was a“technocrat”, who pulled Chris through all legendary techno clubs, like Bunker, Tresor or Café Moskau. The friends of these times are now among Berlins top DJs, producers, club owners, promoters and party kings.


In New York, Chris transitioned from Hip Hop to more alternative styles. He mainly played lounge and downbeat music, but also Krautrock, which became popular during that time. Fela Kuti’s Afrobeat became one of his favorite styles and he had a weekly residency in a Manhattan bar.

New York was rich in music styles and Chris got introduced to drum & bass, underground hip hop and house music.Greg Oreck, aka Thugfucker, frequently played at Chris’s parties and influenced him a lot in his own djing and music selection.

After a work project in Spain, Chris took a 9 month timeout from work, only djing. On Tenerife, he had a weekly residency in a local bar and one of the islands best clubs: XTRA Club.


Coming to Moscow in 2003, Chris was introduced to the club-scene by his friends and djed a Soulful Funky
House session at the famous “Garage Club”.

In 2006 Chris’s friend “Chrome” organized some of the best (hip hop based) Mashup parties in Germany,
called YUM YUM. Chris was the first to play Mashups in Moscow and brought YUM YUM to Russia.
The first YUM YUM sessions took place at “Solyanka” club, one of the biggest influencers to Moscows
underground scene and electronic music. This is, where Chris met minimal and tech-house and became
friends with some of Russia’s best underground DJs.

In 2012, after a period of Mashups, as so many of his Berlin based friends (e.g. Ninetoes, Hyenah), which he
brought to Moscow as well, Chris got bored and decided to only play tech- & deep-house.


From 2013 Chris shared a flat with the culture manager of Red Bull, who is also a known DJ and both tingled through festivals and parties, like Sonar, meeting with some of the worlds best DJs and producers. This is the time, when he met Marco Passarani, who’s disco-edit project “Tiger Woods” had a great influence and is still present in Chris’s take on “Future Disco” today.

But, Chris always never forgot his Berlin days in the early techno scene, combined with the techhouse, he heard at “Solyanka”.

Since 2014 he is playing tech himself. Various nuances of that. Mostly “melodic techno”, but also pumping tech(no) during a morning after hour.


At the same time Chris is frequently invited to play at more glamorous places, as well as private (Oligarch) parties and corporate events. This is, where Chris continues to play house music, which is similar to what he has learned in New York, mixed with Tiger Woods disco-edits and some deep-house. It is his take on “Future Disco”, which is similar to what he used to play more than 15 years ago in New York and Spain.

Future Disco is becoming very trendy and it got Chris invited to play at the W-Hotel in St.Petersburg or the season closing of the Ritz Carlton’s O2 Lounge terrace, one of the most important social events, during the summer, in Moscow.

Listen: https://www.mixc



In 2016 Chris started to play at Suzuran. As the art director, he made Suzuran to one of the best known
underground venues in Moscow, especially appreciated by guests for its good djs and music.

Chris played weekly DJsets at Suzuran, most of them 4 hours and longer. He is known for bringing the best of
his favorite Berlin dancefloors, like Kater Blau, Ritter Butzke, Watergate or Salon zur wilden Renate. He always plays, what was played there last weekend, so his music is cutting edge and up to date.



• Private Party (250+ people) in Teheran / Iran
• Yacht Party Session in Riga
• Rosa Grand Hotel – Milan / Italy
• Formula 1 in Sochi – Diamond Pop-Up Club
• W-Hotel St.Petersburg
• Kvadrat Afterparty / St. Petersburg
• Ritz Carlton Season Closing of O2 Lounge Terrace 2018
• Russki Volna (Russian Wave) Festival Hurghada / Egypt
• Samskara Exhibition Opening with Android Jones
• US Marines Ball
• German Embassy
• Heineken Corporate Event
• Retignano Festival Tuscany / Italy
• Odyseey Festival Moscow
• Scala Festival Moscow

• Guest Mixes on MegapolisFM Radio Russia
• Residency Kotelnaya
• Residency Mendeleev Bar
• Motion Lab & Rivergate Club
• Residency Suzuran
• Residency Berlin Bar
• Residency Kinky Party Moscow
• Kianu Moscow
• Residency Prosecco Bar Moscow
• Residency 8 Oz.
• Time Out Bar
• Krysha Mira Moscow
• Gazgolder
• Residency Deutsche Schule Moscow (German School)


Chris Helmbrecht currently performs with an NATIVE INSTRUMENTS S8 KONTROL device.
Soundoutput: RCA or XLR to your soundsystem or mixer
Table / Booth: min 180x120cm
3 free electrical plugs
2xCDJ 900s or 2000s and an Allen & Heath or Pioneer
Mixer as backup, if possible.


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International: AlpakaClan +49 9552 921 1120

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