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18Sekunden_Buchcover.inddChris Helmbrecht’s first book “Fucking Moskau!” has been in stores since 8 July 2013. The title is provocative, but not meant negative. The book is a collection of short stories that really happened in Chris’s life. The book is partly based on stories of a German’s everyday life in Moscow, but it’s also about the city’s party life, with sex and deephouse.

The title refers to a statement from one of the last chapters. There Chris meets a nice girl and falls in love with her. When they finally come together, he takes her to his favorite club and introduces them to his best friends. She goes to the bar for a drink and then disappears. When he searches for her and finally finds her, she lies in the arms of another man and smooches. Chris goes back to his friends and when they ask what’s up with his new girlfriend, there was only one answer: “Fucking Moscow!”

A common question is where or when to get the book in other languages, such as English or Russian. Chris Helmbrecht has sold all rights for 10 years to Radomhouse Publishing and the publisher also decides if the book will be translated into other languages. At the moment, it does not look like the book will be translated into any other language before 2023.

At the moment Chris Helmbrecht works on his next book and also on a theatre play.

Fucking Moskau! is sold out as a print version and the publisher has decided not to make a new edition, but as an e-book, the book is still available from and other distributors.

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