Chris Helmbrecht is one of the few expats here in Moscow who realized this all too soon and began his brand called LBLFCKR with the general idea, “Hey, screw the labels, let’s have some fun”. Chris comes from Berlin and has a broad worldwide experience in producing events, running advertising agencies, and basically getting people interested in things. Also being my old neighbour from Manhattan, Chris came to Russia shortly after 9/11 to discover the captivating beauty of this place and bring something fresh to its nightlife scene.

Wall Street Bar located on Volkhonka 8, not too far from the Church of Christ the Saviour, is a perfect modern venue that Chris took over on Thursdays for a very fun and exciting night called “Vibes”. I had the pleasure to MC there and let me tell you, the thing about this sort of party is that the girls are not all stuck up and demanding, while the guys are more friendly and artsy, a very fun crowd indeed!

Letting go letting go and letting go again—that’s the idea for this fall, ladies and gentlemen! Sushi Rumba, Tverskaya 7, right up the street from the Ritz, is an awesome pre-party place. Have some Sushi, listen to some funky house and some retro spun by Chris himself, get yourself in the dancing mood and then you can either stay or well, meet a co-pilot for your nightly adventure because hey!, everybody needs a co-pilot, right?

Here is the full article on Passport Magazines website…

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