Lookatme2“I still can’t grow up, so now I am wearing anything between a comfortable outdoor clothings and modern , which usually can be combined quite well. Recently, I found some old shirts and pants from the 80s and 90s, which were stored at my mom’s house – the majority of them are now just becoming fashionable again. I love thick sweaters and hoodies – I have a lot of them, as well as t-shirts with crazy prints. My style did not change since I came to Moscow, mainly because I don’t pay attention to local rules and fashion. I’ve always had my own style. Besides, I’m a man! Of course, I do not wear sneakers and baggy pants, if I go into a trendy club, but apart from that, I always wear what I want and when I want. I usually buy things while traveling: my pants are from Berlin, the T-Shirts are from Brooklyn and I bought the shoes in Barcelona. Also, I often mix designer clothes with things from the mass market – I have a lot of clothes from H & M, for example. I am absolutely not a typical German my Mom is to blame. She always hated all of the standards and the “typical”. The average German probably wears Ray-Bans, a Hugo Boss shirt, Lacoste or a Polo of Ralph Lauren, tucked into Levi’s jeans and, of course, Italian shoes. That’s the way I see the usual German Expat in his spare time (otherwise, he will always be in a suit).”

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