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Fucking Moskau! (German title)

18Sekunden_Buchcover.inddAfter a lot of work and writing, I’m finally finished with my first book. “Fucking Moscow” is in the stores since Jul 8th 2013. The title is indeed provocative, but not meant in a bad way. Its also not (only) about fucking around in Moscow. In one of the last chapters of the book, I fall in love with a young girl. When we are finally together, I take her to my favorite club to introduce her to my best friends. After a while she gets bored and takes off into the crowd. When my friends and I decide to move on, I am looking for her, but can’t find her at first. Then I finally find her. Drunk and in the arms of another man. After that, I am leaving and meeting my friends on the street, which ask me, what had happened. My answer: “Fucking Moscow!”.

The book is about the new Russia. About how people consume each other in Europes largest city. Its about a generation, that has everything, but cannot get enough.

At first the book will come out in German. Friends told me, that it is very hard to get a German book translated into other languages. Especially English. I guess, it all depends on how well it will sell in Germany. But, I am working with an American screenwriter on a TV or movie version.

Besides, I am already working on the next book, which I promise will even be better and more exciting. Stay tuned!

You can order it at Amazon: Fucking Moskau

Do you want to have a pre-look? (in German)