Speed is the king!

Oh yes, this is boys stuff. Call me stupid, but this is on my bucket list. I have done 240 myself (the car locked up after) and been sitting on the co-seat at 280 on a 2 laner with traffic (which was scary as hell). But even in early mornings (like on this shot), you can hardly find an empty highway without restrictions, even in Germany. Times have changed. We have too many cars now. Probably its better to do that on a racetrack, if you find one with such a long straight line.

On a side note, I know, how it feels when you are passed by someone like this. Been driving home on a highway (right lane) at night. I’ve been all alone and I did about 200. I frequently look in the back mirror to check whats behind me and it was a long straight one, empty and dark. There was nothing in-front or behind me. All over sudden a Porsche GT passed me on the left with a speed that felt super sonic. Call me stupid, but I think, I saw a blue flame coming out of the Porsche’s exhaust, but maybe that’s just part of my memory 😉 It disappeared into the night, as fast as it came.How fast did you go?

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